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ACP Overview

Alumni Connections Program

We welcome alumni, parents, and other professionals to sponsor a Cornell freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior through the Alumni Connections Program (ACP) to help them explore careers of interest. This program offers a wide range of brief career exploration job shadowing and informational interviews for students to complete throughout their time at Cornell.

The offerings in this program allow students a rare opportunity early on in their career exploration to observe and hear about career options directly from the professionals doing the work that interests them. Sponsors provide critical information, advice, recommendations, and contacts for further career path research and are under no obligation to offer students future internships or employment.

Sponsors can assist student participants in learning:

  • How to research career fields, organizations, or industries of interest.
  • How to interact with professionals in the world of work and seek out information about work culture and behavior.
  • How to anticipate career path issues, struggles, manage their own career choices, and their personal experiences.

Registration Overview

  • Read the Program Logistics page to fully understand the parameters of the program.
  • Peruse the ACP Student Pages for additional information.
  • Register to post your opportunity or update your current record.

Important Dates

Fall Break 2017
 Saturday, October 7 - Tuesday, October 10
Winter Break 2017
Friday, December 15 - Tuesday, January 23
February Break 2018
Saturday, February 17 - Tuesday, February 20
Spring Break 2018Saturday, March 31 - Sunday, April 8

Summer Break 2018

Wednesday, May 23 - Tuesday, August 22

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