Cornell University

On-Campus Recruiting

On-campus recruiting occurs at Cornell in Barnes Hall, where schedules are open to all eligible students at the University; and at the following college offices where the schedules are generally limited to the students in that college: Architecture, Art, and Planning; Agriculture and Life Sciences; Engineering; Hotel Administration; Human Ecology; and ILR (Industrial and Labor Relations). We manage our on-campus recruiting program using the Cornell Handshake system.

You have the option to schedule interviews in one or more of these facilities, depending on your hiring requirements. To determine whether a college-specific location and/or a centralized location suits your needs, please contact:

Kimberlee Swartz
Associate Director, Manager of Employer Relations and Career Readiness Programs

Employer Services Operations Lead

These staff members can also advise you on other aspects of your recruitment strategy, including information sessions, promoting your organization at Cornell, additional hiring options, and other issues.