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  • American Counseling Association (ACA) The website of the American Counseling Association, representing the interests of school, employment, geriatric, religious, college and career counselors.

Books, AV, and Catalogs

The following resources are available in 103 Barnes Hall Career Center Library (Monday—Friday, 8:00 am—4:30 pm).

Investigating Graduate School

  • Graduate Study in Psychology. (2002). American Psychological Association (APA). Washington, DC.

    Descriptions of APA-approved graduate programs by state.

  • The Insider's Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. (2004 Edition). Michael A. Sayette, and Tracy J. Mayne, John C. Norcross. New York: The Guilford Press.

    How to prepare in advance; apply to the right programs; master the interview; and make the final decision.

Investigating Careers

  • Great Jobs for Psychology Majors. (2001). Julie De Galan and Stephen Lambert. Lincolnwood, IL: VGM Career Horizons, NTC Publishing Group.

    Information on the job search and possible career paths.

  • Opportunities in Psychology Careers. (2001). Charles M. Super, Ph.D. and Donald E. Super, Ph.D. Lincolnwood, IL: VGM Career Horizons, NTC Publishing Group.

    Discusses the fields of psychology; prospects; education and training; and scientific and professional organizations in psychology.

  • Opportunities in Social Work Careers. (2003). Renee Wittenberg. Lincolnwood, IL: VGM Career Horizons, NTC Publishing Group.

    Describes social work settings; breakdown of jobs; qualifications and training; and expectations in the field.