Cornell University

Career Stories


Understanding the Interview Question


Basics of interview preparation.

Tell Me About Yourself


Preparing to answer the interview question: "Tell me about yourself."

What are stress questions?


Learn the point of and how to handle stress questions in interviews.

How to Dress for an Interview


Advice on how to present yourself professionally in an interview.

The 4 Essentials of Interviewing


Learn about the four essential parts of an interview.

Bill Nye '77 Urges Cornellians to "Change the World"


Bill Nye '77, wearing his characteristic bow tie, spoke of his lifelong interest in science.

Alumna Finds Clues to Climate Change in Ancient Wood


Carol Griggs uses the remains of ancient trees to solve puzzles in archaeology and to shed light on climate change.

Alumna curates 'brilliant' art exhibit at Williams College Museum of Art


Alumna curates art exhibit at Williams College Museum of Art

Recent Cornell Grads Among Highest Actively Serving as City Year Corps Members


Cornell graduates have a knack for service in high-need urban schools, according to City Year.

Alumna Irene Rosenfeld Presents Hatfield Lecture


The Kraft Foods CEO's lecture March 7 told the story of how she has led Kraft's resurgence.

Externship Experience Changes Student's Career Goals


Job Shadowing Changes Cornell Student's Career Goals

Sandra Fluke


Sandra Fluke is an activist alumna and Extern sponsor.

"Marilyn: Pursuing a Post Bac Program"


Marilyn came to Cornell sure of her career goal to be a doctor. She quickly settled in at college, joined a student health related organization, and pursued her interests in ballroom dance and community service projects such as Habitat for Humanity.

"Bill: Taking a Gap Year Before Medical School"


Bill felt confident about reaching his goal of becoming a doctor. At the end of five semesters at Cornell he had a 3.6 GPA. He had also been active in research. The spring semester of his junior year he registered with the Health Careers Evaluation

"Michael: An Alternate Path to Medical School"


Michael came to Cornell with an excellent high school record. At Cornell he dove into activities, joining two student organizations and an intramural team. He was taken aback when his first semester GPA at Cornell was a 3.0 and his spring semester GP