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The sites listed below compile and index a wide range of locations useful for researching a country's economic situation, locating relevant trade and professional organizations, finding out more about the international job search, and networking with professionals in your field.


Visas and Safety

  • Travelers Checklist through the U.S. Department of State provides comprehensive information on traveling abroad, including travel documents, health concerns, and travel tips.
  • Consular Information Program  through the U.S. Department of State provides country-specific information for every country of the world, including visa requirements, health considerations, and crime information.
  • GlobalEdge is a reference guide for students, faculty, staff, and administrators to help match students with international internship opportunities offered by two- and four-year colleges and universities, governmental agencies, non-profit groups, private organizations, and corporations.
  • International Travel Registry provides an opportunity to register your travel plans and receive support for emergency situations.  Travel registration is mandatory for all students on Cornell-related business.
  • Gannett’s Travel Clinic provides advice, health insurance information, and vaccinations.
  • International Gateway houses country-specific historical, social, and political information in the “Country Studies” section.


Identifying Opportunities

  • Cornell Handshake contains international internships and job postings, as well as contact information for recruiters that you could contact for information about international opportunities.
  • GlobalEdge International Internship Directory through Michigan State University facilitates internship searches by organization type, location, and subject.
  • The University of Michigan's International Center provides information on a range of international opportunities for students. 
  • Global Resource Directory gives information about international and trade-related organizations.
  • Uniworld contains information about U.S. companies that have branches abroad.
  • LinkedIn searches (e.g. type into Google “LinkedIn France intern”) can help in identifying organizations, programs, or postings.  You can also identify individuals that have done internships, volunteering, or work abroad and contact them for advice and feedback on their experience.
  •  Career Services’ Library has books on international opportunities, from careers to volunteering.
  • The Vault Guides have information on and careers in investment banking, consulting, investment management, and private equity in both Europe and Asia Pacific, as well as government agency career.

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