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NYC Public Service Corps

The New York City Public Service Corps (NYCPSC) is a placement agency in Manhattan that helps Cornell students find employment with certain non-profits and city agencies/departments in the five boroughs of New York. You are not applying to an individual position or job when you complete the NYCPSC application. The application allows you to specify several career-related work areas of interest and rank your preferred work locations.  You will learn where you are placed to work when you meet with an NYCPSC Placement Counselor and discuss your interests and skills.

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/27/20
We are continuing to support students in applying for NYC PSC internships. However, given the frequently changing government regulations, we CAN NOT guarantee that they will ake place this year.

At this time, we plan to move forward as normal until summer guidance becomes more clear. The Summer 2020 Application is now open. Please continue to check back at this page for updates.

You must be Federal Work-Study (FWS) eligible to participate in this program. See the FWS Study Application on the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment site for more information about summer FWS funding.

As an NYCPSC intern, you will be paid a flat hourly rate based on your class year. Pay rates are determined by NYC payroll policy and, therefore, are not negotiable. You will be paid by the NYCPSC, not by the agency or department with which you are placed. For current rates, visit the NYC Public Service Corps website. Hours of work, days of work, and length of the internship, will be determined during the interview process with the NYCPSC.

Program Overview

  • Attend our annual NYCPSC Information Session; view Event Calendar for more information.
  • Review the PSC Information and Forms section of the NYC Public Service Corps website. This web page will lead you to more detailed program information on internship placement options, program expectations, the interview process, and salary and taxes.
  • Use the Online Application to access application materials and required forms. The deadlines for applications are rolling through mid-May. Final deadline is June 16. Approvals are made on a rolling basis beginning in March, until the funding is exhausted, typically mid-June. Please note: approvals will be delayed this year due to COVID-19 complications.
  • Once your eligibility is verified, Cornell will forward your application to the NYCPSC for next steps in the hiring process. You will be notified by email from our office when this happens.
  • A NYCPSC Placement Counselor will then contact you to set a date and time for your placement interview. All questions about your application and interview scheduling status should be directed to the NYCPSC office. You can email them through a form on their website.

Winter Internships

Winter internships through NYC PSC are only available to those who participated the previous summer, continuing to work for that same agency. To seek this option, follow the steps in order below:

  1. Check with the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment ( for confirmation of your Federal Work Study eligibility — you need to have $1000 of FWS funds remaining. (Generally, students who did not work on campus during the fall semester do).
  2. If eligible, contact your previous agency to ask whether they would have winter work available.
  3. Then, contact your NYCPSC placement counselor for application instructions.

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