Cornell University

Investment Management Career Path

Are you a student interested in Investment Management? Don't have the proper background or knowledge about the industry? Not sure where to start or how to apply to Investment Management jobs? 

Cornell University Career Services is running an initiative to connect students from various majors with careers in Asset Allocation/Investment Management. The program focuses on entry-level positions at endowments, foundations, and other non-Wall Street finance firms. The purpose of this initiative is to help students of different backgrounds to learn about Investment Management and succeed in the application process. We have reached out to numerous employers in this field and asked them what kind of qualifications they're looking for. Based on this feedback, students will receive quality advice on their applications.

Initiative overview:

  • Personalized help with your resume and cover letter
  • Workshops and presentations to learn about Investment Management and Asset Allocation
  • Advice on how to succeed in the application process
  • Access to job postings tailored for your background

How to participate:

  1. To subscribe to relevant e-mails and updates: go to Handshake and add "Investment/ Portfolio Management" to your Job Interests. Instructions: visit --> Profile --> Account --> Industry --> Search for "Investment/ Portfolio Management."
  2. Stay active by attending workshops and information sessions.
  3. Come to office hours to discuss your resume, application, or cover letter. Ask to speak to an advisor in 103 Barnes Hall.


  1. FIRST STEP: read the comprehensive Investment Management Vault Guide. You can access it for free here: Free access to Vault Guides.
  2. Search for Investment Management Jobs on Handshake by selecting "Investment/ Portfolio Management" as the employer industry.
  3. Take finance courses: A list of Finance courses at Cornell.
  4. Enroll in a finance club: A list of Finance clubs at Cornell.
  5. Read this Presentation about Investment Management.
  6. Watch a Video interview with the CIO of Cornell Investment Office, A.J. Edwards.
  7. Watch finance e-clips: Donal Fehrs, former CIO of Cornell Endowment, discusses the concept of Endowment and how it is managed.
  8. Read other Investment Management literature: Recommended Books about Investment Management.
  9. Review Wall Street Oasis interview guides (for purchase).
  10. Prepare for a quantitative interview: Heard on the Street and A Practical Guide for Quantitative Finance Interviews.
  11. Prepare for the behavioral part of the interview: 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions, How to Interview Like a Top MBA
  12. Learn how to use Excel to build financial models: Financial Modeling in Excel.
  13. Complete a Strength Assessment to help you market your strengths during an interview.