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Cornell Handshake Tutorials

What is Cornell Handshake?

Cornell Handshake is a web-based system that Cornell Career Services uses to bring you career-related information, job and internship postings (including on-campus recruiting), employer events, and more. Resources for conducting career research are also available through the site.

On-Campus Recruiting

To be eligible to participate in on-campus recruiting, students must complete an online tutorial. The tutorial takes about 15 minutes to complete, and students should allow two business days after completion for their eligibility status to be updated. You will not be notified of this change, but you will see an "ocr eligible" label in the left-hand column of your profile, indicating that you can now participate in on-campus recruiting. You will then be able to view and apply for interviews. When you choose to use the On-Campus Recruiting service, you also agree to read and follow CCS's Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Cornell Handshake Student Login

You will sign in to Handshake through a single-sign on process using your NetID and password allowing you to set up your account without using a Handshake-specific password. If this log-in process does not work, please contact us for assistance.

After logging in, complete or update your Profile so we can inform you about internships, jobs, special events, prelaw, premed, graduate school... and more!

Handshake locked Fields

Student profile information is pulled from the Registrar's data and updated nightly in Handshake. Locked fields on your Handshake profile include: School Year, College, Education Level,  and Work Authorization status. If you find an error in any of the locked fields mentioned above, reach out to the following office(s) for assistance.

Work Authorization

  • Include wording to explain your correct work authorization information
  • Attach supporting documentation

All Other Locked Fields